The Process

The process starts with 100 % hand-loomed organic silk that is dyed in herbal infusions for both color and health purposes. Ayurvastra functions through the principle of touch: as the skin comes into contact with the herb-infused fabric, the body can develop an increased metabolism and rid itself of toxins. Based on many successful studies and clinical trials and along with the support of the Indian government, Ayurvastra has become a recognized and accepted form of natural healthcare and wellness.

In our debut collection, we’ve chosen to focus on the herb solutions which promote general well being. This includes using tumeric, tulsi, sandalwood and neem as well as many other oils and herbs which provide metabolic stimulation, detox, overall body rejuvenation and skin radiance.

By wearing the Navastra scarf, you are part of an indulgence that was previously only for royalty and a select few. Without compromising on the original technique, Navastra has captured this wondrous concept and modernized it for the times.