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In our debut collection of 100% hand loomed organic silk scarves, we’ve chosen to focus on the herb solutions which promote general well being. This includes using tumeric, tulsi, sandalwood and neem as well as many other oils and herbs which provide metabolic stimulation, detox and overall body rejuvenation and skin radiance.

Our scarves are dyed in a palette of neutrals and indigos., while using methods of dying that create tie dye and ombre effects. Each limited edition scarf is numbered and signed by the artisan who has methodically stitched each article together.

Combined with the herb infused fabric, the scarves achieve a serene flow of color and texture that naturally allows for a state of calm from the inside out.

The variation in color and embroidery are intrinsic qualities of the scarf due to the individual handwork of each artisan. All of these qualities translate into owning a unique and special item made and worn by few.

By wearing the Navastra scarf, you are part of a historic indulgence. Without compromising on the original technique, Navastra has captured this wondrous concept and modernized it for the times.